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Customer Testimonial

  • Good News Laundry is the best in Evanston. It’s a great deal, and Kelly makes sure that my laundry comes back asap.


    at Chicago, IL

  • Oh my goodness! Oh my!!!! I was so pleased with my experience here.  It was clean, easy, and the people who work there are pleasant! I did not have to wait for any machines, there was plenty of room to fold my clothes. The machines all take quarters, not one of those places where you have to buy the card, put money on the card and pray that you do not accidentally lose the card! Simply awesome

    Jenny I.

    at Chicago, IL

  • I must rave about this laundromat. Not only do they have all of the machines you could possibly need for your dry cleaning needs, in a pleasant and clean facility, but the owner, Kelly, is an amazing host. He helped my mom and I out when we went with many bags full to clean in a short time frame. I would go out of my way to return to Kelly's laundromat in the future. Highly recommend it!

    Marielise J.

    at Chicago, IL

  • After the washing machines in our apartment broke, the bf and I showed up here ~9:15p on a Saturday night hoping to finish the rest of our laundry before the laundromat closed at 10p. Turns out a customer\'s last wash is supposed to start at 9p at the latest, but the lady there let us start anyway. We finished a little after 10p, and at no point did the the lady make us feel unwelcome......

    Angela C.

    at Evanston, IL

  • We were using on of the super extra load washers and it broke.  The attendant was super helpful and we moved the load to another machine.  I found this place on yelp and will definitely be coming back.

    Steve O.

    at Evanston, IL

  • I'm surprised by some of these reviews. This place is great. New efficient machines,  competitive pricing, great staff and so nice and clean!!! Comfortable seating and air conditioned. Just like home. Love it!

    C C.

    at Evanston, IL

  • Good place to do your laundry.  I'll parrot other reviews.  $1.75 for a top loader and $0.25 for eight minutes of drying.  They do have large machines that cut down on time if you have a lot of laundry.  The place is clean and well maintained, and the lady here is very nice.  Plus they have free WIFI.

    Jefferson R.

    at Manhattan, NY

  • Nice little neighborhood cleaners. It's a bit expensive . I come here because I typically like to stay with my clothes while it's being washed since I've had a history of stolen laundry since back in undergrad. The place is clean, bright, and offers free Wi-Fi, so I can do some readings for my seminars while I wait. Friendly staff..............

    Kenny O.

    at Chicago, IL

  • Conveniently located just down the street from the Noyes Purple Line station, and more importantly, D&D Hot Dogs (yum!) and Fraiche bakery/cafe (double yum!).  This is a well-worn storefront laundromat, long and narrow and a little cramped.  But it\'s spotlessly clean, as the cheerful ladies who run the place continuously clean and wipe and mop every surface.  .........

    Tom H.

    at Evanston, IL

  • “I signed up for Good News Laundry last winter, and I can’t believe I didn\'t do it sooner…”


    at Chicago, IL

  • Good News Laundry is a really great service. It is not only affordable and convenient, my laundry is always well taken care of.


    at Evanston, IL