Q: How can I pay?

A: You can pay online or in the store. Call for more details

Q: Are there any Specials?

A:  Check our latest blog entry for our new specials!

Q: What does Barley mean?

A:  Barely:  for those that only have a small amount/light load (less than ten pounds)

Q: What does Logical mean?

A: Logical: for those that have a normal load weekly (from 10-15 pounds)

Q: What does Flexible mean?

A: Flexible: for those that have a healthier schedule of activities (15-20 pounds)

Q: What does Laundry Plan-1 mean?

A: Plan-1: for one pickup of laundry each week

Q: What does Laundry Plan-2 mean?

A: Plan-2: for 2 pickup’s each week