About us

Hours of operation: 7:00am-10pm Daily

Last entry for washing or drying: TIME – 9 pm DAILY

817 Noyes St. Evanston, IL 60201

About Good News Laundry

At Good News Laundry, you will find a wholesome atmosphere, quiet enough to study or use our FREE Wi-Fi service. 

We offer self-serving, coin operated washers and dryers. Whether you need one of our 21-top loading washers
for small loads or our front loading washers for larger loads, 50lb capacity washer for your king size down comforters or our 30lb and 18lb washers for smaller loads. Then finish the job with any of our 23/30lb capacity energy efficient dryers.


Our drop-off service is reasonably priced and professionally handled. We use laundry products that are hydro-allergenic and safe for the environment. Garments are placed inside durable, clear plastic bags for your visual inspection. At Good News Laundry you will be able to purchase most commonly used laundry products.


Our friendly and courteous attendants are there to assist you with all your laundry needs. So, come on in, share a smile, relax and have a snack or soda from our vending machines while our machines take care of your clothes. 

Good News Laundry… Friendly Environment